Lavrov explains why a new Normandy quartet meeting makes no sense

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has explained why the Russian Federation believes there is no point in a new Normandy Quartet meeting right now

Lavrov explains why a new Normandy quartet meeting makes no sense

According to him, before moving to a new stage of the dialogue, it is necessary to implement the decisions already taken. This was reported by the Ukrainska Pravda portal, citing Interfax-Ukraine.

“I was, of course, a little surprised that with such assertiveness our Western colleagues are promoting the resumption of the Normandy format without providing previous decisions on their part”, –  Lavrov said.

The diplomat drew attention to the fact that the decisions taken at the 2019 summit have still not been implemented. Furthermore, the European Union continues to strain relations with Moscow. After the Ukraine-EU summit, a statement was issued in which Russia was openly called an “aggressor”.

“In very rude, blunt tones, we are required to implement the Minsk agreements, because, as stated there, we are a party to this document … This seriously contradicts the truth and contradicts even such ambiguous statements made to us by German and French experts, in response to our direct question, who are parties to the Minsk agreements”, –  Lavrov summed up.


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