Chile initiates impeachment of president after publication of Pandora’s Dossier

In Chile, members of the opposition have tabled the impeachment of the country’s president Sebastián Piñera in parliament over suspicions of corruption following the publication of documents from the Pandora’s Dossier, The Guardian reports

Chile initiates impeachment of president after publication of Pandora's Dossier

“This constitutional accusation has two grounds. Firstly, the president of the republic has openly violated the constitution as far as the principle of decency is concerned. Secondly, he has seriously compromised the honour of the nation”, –  said MP Jaime Naranjo.

According to Chilean law, the impeachment of the President is first debated by a five-member committee. If they decide to proceed with the accusation, it is submitted to the Chamber of Deputies. Then there is a vote in the Senate, in which two-thirds of legislators must support the impeachment.

Recall that the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) released excerpts from the Pandora’s Dossier documents in early October. The documents indicated that during Piñera’s first presidential term, his family sold a stake in the Dominga mine for $152m.

It is noted that part of the deal was carried out by the British Virgin Islands: the payment was split into several parts, the payment of which depended on whether the government would declare the area where the mine is located a conservation area.


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