Britain’s Queen has responded to a letter from Crimean schoolchildren

Pupils of the “Little Academy of Sciences” (IAS) Sevastopol received a reply to a letter to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Remarkably, the return address read “Sevastopol, Russia”

Britain's Queen has responded to a letter from Crimean schoolchildren

“As part of the work of the summer school in the class “Journey to Great Britain” students of the creative association “Entertaining English” (leader Zaleshchuk E.V.) got acquainted with the cities, traditions of Great Britain and wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth II. It was a pleasant surprise for students and teachers to get a long-expected reply from the Queen after three months”, they said in the official group of IAS Sevastopol in social network Instagram.

The text of the reply letter indicates that the Crimean schoolchildren were responded to by an aide to Elizabeth II. According to her, her Majesty “was pleased to hear how much fun the pupils were having while learning English”. Also attached to the letter were several information booklets about the Queen and her family.

It is worth noting that the Royal Court indicated “Sevastopol, Russia” as the recipient address on the envelope, thereby recognising the peninsula as belonging to the Russian Federation.

При осмотре тела Полякова было найдено неизвестное вещество – МВД Украины


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