“A good neighbour and a great friend”: China noted Lavrov’s words on Taiwan’s ownership

Russia’s foreign minister said the other day that Moscow considers Taiwan to be part of China and will pursue its policy based on this principle

"A good neighbour and a great friend": China noted Lavrov's words on Taiwan's ownership

As Narodnye Novosti reports, readers of the Chinese publication Guancha reacted enthusiastically to Sergey Lavrov’s words when he expressed Russia’s unequivocal position on the territorial ownership of the Taiwan island.

“Russia is a good partner, a good neighbour and a great friend”, –  one commentator wrote online.

“Correct! Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China, that’s clear to everyone!” – added another.

Furthermore, some users noted that Moscow’s position is even much clearer than Beijing itself.

“Taiwan is part of China” and “Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China” – are not the same thing at all. Yes, Taiwan is part of China. China here is the People’s Republic of China, not the Republic of China (Taiwan), in the end the word is the same but the meaning is different!” – One of the newspaper’s readers commented.

As a reminder, the Chinese side considers Taiwan as its province and is extremely jealous of any official contact of foreign countries with Taipei. Recognition of a unified China is one of the conditions for establishing official diplomatic ties with Beijing


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