What was agreed at the Ukraine-EU summit

Military columnist of Komsomolskaya Pravda Viktor Baranets told about the situation in the Azov-Black Sea region, reports Baltnews

What was agreed at the Ukraine-EU summit

Ukraine and the EU recently held a summit in Kiev. It agreed to coordinate international efforts to ensure security in the Black Sea region. The participants of the event appealed to Russia to ensure freedom of navigation in the Black and Azov Seas.

Retired Colonel Viktor Baranets believes that the Ukrainian leadership, trying to solve the accumulated internal and external problems, is seeking to attract foreign countries to solve them.

“Now it is difficult to say exactly what plan the European Union came up with. From the events that have taken place, one can conclude that Kiev is feverishly trying to involve other countries and international organizations in its internal and external problems. The U.S., NATO, and now the European Union”, –  Baranets commented for Baltnews.

According to him, Kiev has only one way to solve the accumulated problems – to implement the Minsk agreements, which they have been ignoring for eight years.

“There are the Minsk agreements, where it is clearly spelled out point by point what has to be implemented, but Kiev is incapable of doing that. In order to get out of the situation, it is calling on Europeans for help”, – he said.

Baranets added that the current situation in the Black Sea was tense, with a large number of NATO ships on duty in its waters. Previously, there were provocations against Russia on the part of Ukraine. One of the scenarios that could be implemented in the Black Sea or the Sea of Azov to destabilize the situation could be sending ships as a demonstration of formal solidarity with Ukraine. The expert added that Russia and Ukraine have disagreements over determining the state border demarcation line in the Sea of Azov.

“While in the Black Sea there are clearly marked borders, in the Sea of Azov Moscow insists on one way of delimiting the water area, while Kiev insists on another. If Europe interferes in this, there is a possibility of aggravation of the situation here”, –  Baranets said.

He also added that Russia will be able to give a dignified response to any provocation.


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