Transgender crisis in the US

The battles over the legal status of the 1.5 million “transgender people” officially living in the US continue in America

Transgender crisis in the US
A story in Virginia, where a boy wearing a skirt, claiming to be “transgender”, visited a women’s bathroom in his school and then raped a schoolgirl there, drew a particular response. The incident took place at an educational institution in Loudon County, one of the most liberal schools in the whole state, just outside Washington. Here, everyone is allowed to use the girls’ toilets.

When the rape happened, the school authorities tried to suppress the story, which did not fit the liberal narrative. The outraged father of the girl came to the school assembly, where he was told that they did not believe his daughter’s story. The father, who had raised his voice to the school authorities, was arrested for organizing an “unauthorized meeting”.

Parents of the students are now demanding the dismissal of the school authorities, and the police, after the publicity, detained the “transgender” perpetrator and placed him under house arrest. However, he then carried out another attack on another girl. The court tried to classify the case just in case, so as not to anger the progressive public.

The statistics show that transgender persons, who are mostly mentally disturbed, commit a disproportionate number of sexual offences. For example, according to the UK prison system, which has recently started putting transgender people in women’s prisons, they commit five times as many rapes as other prisoners.

A few months ago there was also a heated debate about the participation of ‘transgender people’ in women’s sports. Especially against the background of the fact that due to their obvious hormonal and physical advantages they have quickly become an outsider for many female athletes.

But while in sports it’s all about unfair competition, in toilets it’s all about keeping women safe from any criminal who might wear a skirt and present himself as “transgender” and immediately win the unconditional support of the liberal public. This is where all her feminism comes to an immediate end – after all, “transgender people” are now becoming the most privileged group in the liberal minority hierarchy.

Malek Dudakov


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