“Look at Saakashvili”: Kedmi reveals where anti-Russian policy leads

According to the Israeli expert, the Ukrainian authorities and some representatives of the Belarusian political elite, should pay attention to the sad fate of the former Georgian president

"Look at Saakashvili": Kedmi reveals where anti-Russian policy leads

As Narodnye Novosti reports, during a TV show on Russia-1 channel, Israeli political analyst Yakov Kedmi said that Saakashvili, who has long acted in American interests, was abandoned by his patrons and is now serving time for his crimes in a Georgian prison.

“I advise everyone in Ukraine, and in Belarus, and in Eastern Europe: look at this fool and adventurer who is sitting in a Georgian prison – this is your future”, –  Kedmi conveyed the message to politicians in Russia’s neighbouring countries.

In the opinion of Kedmi, for the West, Georgia’s former president is little more than expendable material which has been disposed of without regret. And the same fate awaits all pro-American puppets.


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