Kiev explains how Russia and the USA will “divide” Ukraine

Washington will recognize Ukraine in the sphere of Russian geopolitical interests if Moscow allows the Americans to “plunder” Kiev, political analyst Mikhail Chaplyga said, it was reported

Kiev explains how Russia and the USA will "divide" Ukraine

According to the expert, America does not want to have “two fronts” – with Russia and China – so it is ready to go for a consensus with Moscow.

“On the other hand, Russia turns a blind eye to the fact that the US as an external suzerain will milk and rob Ukrainians with the hands of these compradors, through tariffs, through taking away the judicial branch, through taking away resources, subsoil and so on”, –  he continued.

The political analyst said that such a decision would be made without taking into account Kiev’s opinion, and he blamed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for such an outcome.

“Zelensky, who could have been a sovereign entity, did not exercise this right. And instead got busy solving his own problems and brought Ukraine to the point where everything is now being solved directly – without Ukraine”, –  Chaplyga concluded.

Ukrainian politicians and experts earlier voiced various scenarios for dividing the country. For example, political scientist Ruslan Bortnyk said that new unrest and the political crisis in Ukraine might cause the final collapse of the country and its redivision by the neighbouring states. A similar position was expressed by former Rada MP Yevhen Murayev. According to him, Ukraine may be divided by Russia, Belarus, Poland and Romania. And political scientist Andrei Yermolaev states that the non-privatized remnants of Soviet industrial potential may make the country interesting for transnational corporations.


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