“Fighting China, Strengthening Russia”: National Interest describes the problems in US policy

Nicholas Gvozdev, a columnist for the American edition, said that the West has in fact trapped itself in a foreign policy

"Fighting China, Strengthening Russia": National Interest describes the problems in US policy

In his article for National Interest, the expert says that in the confrontation with China, which Washington has named as Russia’s “main enemy”, the West is unwittingly helping Russia become stronger, which creates new threats to US foreign policy.

According to Gvozdev, weakening and even lifting sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is actually doing Western countries a disservice by playing into Moscow’s hands.

“However, steps to prevent a rapprochement between Russia and China have the effect of strengthening Moscow. This creates additional problems for some NATO members on the eastern European flank”, –  Gvozdev said.

At the same time, as the columnist notes, NATO has enough internal problems right now. And even if the military bloc collapse in the near future should not be expected, in any case, it will have to undergo a transformation in which even the creation of ad hoc military alliances between the alliance and outside it is possible. The expert cited the AUKUS treaty between Britain, the US and Australia and the Franco-Greek defence pact as examples of such developments.


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