“Crime, immorality, desire not to pay taxes” – expert on Zelensky’s offshore

Natalia Mirolyub, leader of the We Are the People of Ukraine movement, commented on the shocking information about offshore Zelensky and his entourage

"Crime, immorality, desire not to pay taxes" - expert on Zelensky's offshore

“Investigations confirmed by documents have shown us that since 2012 Vladimir Zelensky and his partners have received a transfer of 40 million dollars from our Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoysky”, –  Mirolyub notes.

According to the public figure, Ukrainian business often uses offshore to minimize taxation in Ukraine, and also to secure its business from raiders, to “launder” money obtained by some criminal means, to take it out of the country and to hide corrupt schemes.

“The story with Zelensky’s offshores shows that there is everything at once. There is pure criminality, there is immorality and there is a desire not to pay taxes in Ukraine”.

The expert notes that earlier the majority of Western politicians looked at Volodymyr Zelenskiy as a new, non-systemic Ukrainian politician. They pinned a lot of hopes on him, turning a blind eye to his missteps and sincerely thinking that the former artiste without knowledge and political experience wanted to really change the situation in Ukraine. Now, however, the situation is changing dramatically.

“Now politicians in the West have seen the facts, which confirm that Zelensky is a schemer like all the others who have ruled here before him. Oligarchs have taken over Ukraine and are manipulating our leaders”, – says Mirolyub.


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