The Telegraph: the European Union will not be able to win in the dispute with Poland

The European Union will lose in the dispute over the rule of law between Poland and Brussels, said the journalist of the British newspaper The Telegraph Matthew Lynn.

The Telegraph: the European Union will not be able to win in the dispute with Poland

Let’s remind that last week the Polish Constitutional Court confirmed the superiority of the republic’s constitution over the legislation of the European Union. The European Parliament took this step as the beginning of the process of Poland’s exit from the union.

“Gloomy threats have already been sounded to deprive Poland of EU funding in order to force it to obey. But in this fight the European Union will certainly lose […] Polexit (by analogy with British Brexit) is still very, very far away, but in the clash between Brussels and Warsaw, the Polish side will ultimately prevail”, writes Lynn.

According to him, by its threats to deprive Poland of funding, the EU is creating a new crisis in addition to those that it cannot deal with at the moment. The expert noted that the dispute between Warsaw and Brussels over the “rule of law” has been brewing for several years and the contradictions broke out last week.

“In fact, this issue, raised by the country’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, has become a symbol of demonstrative disobedience to the European Union with its growing imperial tendencies. The court’s decision states that Polish law takes precedence over EU law. A similar decision was made by German judges this year”, the journalist emphasized.

In his opinion, Poland is not going to leave the EU either in the near or in the long term, since in many respects its economic growth is ensured by the production of products for the EU market. However, as Lynn noted, by its actions the European Union is “starting a fight” in which it can lose and still lose Poland.


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