Media says gas crisis begins in Ukraine

High fuel prices have led to the fact that Ukrainian schools, hospitals and other budgetary institutions are faced with a gas crisis, the newspaper “Business.Censor” writes.

Media says gas crisis begins in Ukraine

“Due to ill-conceived regulation of the gas market and lack of control, the most unprotected Ukrainian consumers with the beginning of the heating season will pay an increased price for gas. Hospitals, schools, military units and other similar institutions are forced to buy gas at market prices – 35 – 45 UAH (95 – 123 rubles) per cubic meter”, the newspaper writes.

In addition, ordinary Ukrainians also faced problems with fuel, who used to pay for gas at the rate of an annual tariff with a fixed price of about 8 hryvnia (about 22 rubles) per cubic meter. From now on they are forced to pay twice as much. It is noteworthy that this situation often arises without the knowledge of the consumers themselves in connection with the refusal of the supplier to fulfill its obligations.

“Unlike the population, budgetary and municipal institutions, which have their own boilers for heating and heating water, entered into gas contracts at market prices. Usually contracts were signed with private suppliers who won tenders at the beginning of the year. The contracts were concluded by the end of the year. But before the heating season, when the price of gas exceeded 30 hryvnia per cubic meter, suppliers began to tear them apart en masse”, Business.Censor notes.

Recall that problems with the supply of blue fuel began in Ukraine after Kiev’s refusal in 2015 to buy Russian gas directly – it was replaced by the so-called virtual reverse from Europe, which greatly affected the cost of fuel for ordinary Ukrainians.
In 2019, the chairman of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Viktor Medvedchuk, agreed with Moscow on direct gas supplies to Kiev at a fixed price of $ 175 per thousand cubic meters, but the Ukrainian authorities refused to purchase fuel at a reduced price.


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