Maneuvers “Iron Wolf – 2021” with the participation of NATO countries began in Lithuania

Military exercises “Iron Wolf – 2021” started in Lithuania. They will be attended by military personnel from NATO member states.

Maneuvers "Iron Wolf - 2021" with the participation of NATO countries began in Lithuania

The beginning of the maneuvers is reported by the RBC-Ukraine edition, referring to Delfi. The purpose of the exercise is to assess the capabilities of offensive, defensive and other military operations deployed in Lithuania by the NATO Forces Forces, the Algirdas Motorized Infantry Battalion Headquarters, which is part of the Gelezinis Vilkas brigade and the reconnaissance company.

The Iron Wolf maneuvers will last about two weeks. They will take place at the training ground in Pabradė. In total, more than three thousand servicemen from Lithuania and 12 other countries that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance are involved in them.

In addition, almost a thousand pieces of military equipment will take part in the exercises. Among them will be Leopard and Abrams tanks, Marder, CV 90, VCI Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles, Stryker, Fuchs and Boxer armored personnel carriers, PzH2000 self-propelled artillery howitzers, logistics and administrative transport.


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