Hungary supports the Polish demarche on the EU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that he and the government of the country strongly support the decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland in the priority of national law over the laws of the European Union.

Hungary supports the Polish demarche on the EU

According to Narodnaya Novosti, by the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court, which claims that membership in the EU does not mean the loss of national sovereignty, Warsaw, in fact, challenges the current policy of the European Union. It is not surprising that many European politicians have already expressed their fear that the resulting legal collision will entail legal chaos in the EU. And against the background of such conversations, the Hungarian government dared to openly support partners from Warsaw.

“The official statement of the Hungarian government says that Poland’s decision is due to the poor performance of European institutions, and the European Commission is accused of “creeping expansion of its powers” and infringement of the national rights of EU member states. Budapest voiced an important idea and offered the constitutional courts of other EU countries to check the limits of the powers of the European Commission”, the publication says.

Budapest, through the mouth of Viktor Orban, demanded that the EC abandon the practice of violating the national identity of the EU member states, which only delegated part of their powers to Brussels, and did not abandon them at all.


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