“Feel betrayed”: British Intelligence Veteran explains Europe’s current situation

According to the former British diplomat and MI-6 employee Alistair Crook, it is time for European politicians to take a sober look at the ongoing changes in the global world and, finally, decide on their future strategy without looking back at the United States.

"Feel betrayed": British Intelligence Veteran explains Europe's current situation

According to People’s News, an article published on the portal strategic-culture.org by a career British intelligence officer says that there are at least two major reasons that should prompt the Europeans to start pursuing an independent policy.

Firstly, the United States finally failed all its attempts at a military presence around the world, and the withdrawal, or rather flight, from Afghanistan, as well as the creation of a new military alliance AUKUS, clearly demonstrate Washington’s transition to new tactics and a new world order, in which there is no longer there will be stakes on NATO and, as a consequence, on European partners, and therefore, there is no longer any hope of American patronage from the EU.
And secondly, the recently held meeting of the SCO countries further strengthened cooperation along the Moscow-Beijing axis. Moreover, the new organization, which has the strongest military, political and economic potential in the world, already includes 57% of the world’s population in its orbit. And in the future it will play a dominant role in Eurasia.

“Both of the above factors put the European Union in front of an unpleasant reality… The whole world is changing, boiling, and very busy, and Europe’s opinion is not taken into account,” the expert writes.

The pretense of the United States to the EU has simply disappeared. More grandiose European aspirations on a global scale have been roughly condemned by Washington. The Russia-China axis occupies a leading position in Central Asia, and its influence extends to Turkey and the Middle East. “
According to the former intelligence officer, Europe today is “between a rock and a hard place.”

“Does she have the energy and humility to look at herself in the mirror and rebuild herself diplomatically? This will require a change in his appeal to both Russia and China in the light of the analysis of the interests and possibilities of the European Union”, summed up Alistair Crook.


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