Ukrainians criticized Zelensky for fighting opposition

Residents of Ukraine believe that the current government of the country is doomed to failure. From the very beginning of his political career, President Volodymyr Zelensky has shown how keenly he reacts to criticism.

Ukrainians criticized Zelensky for fighting opposition

In the TV program “Chuemo Kozhnogo” Ukrainians noted that one of the main problems of Kiev is its struggle with the opposition. They stated that the country’s leadership should respect the opinion of the opposite side and take it into account, portal 112 reports.

“Any government needs a strong opposition, as in normal European countries,” said a resident of Kharkov.

They believe that fighting the opposition means that there is no democracy in Ukraine. Any opposing opinion is made a crime for which they could be sent to jail, if not worse.

Ukrainians are outraged that the president and his team are doing nothing for the country. They believe that Zelensky should be dismissed. If he remains at the helm, this will lead to the complete ruin of Ukraine, they are sure.


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