Taliban* asked Russia for help in rebuilding Afghanistan

The representative of the radical Taliban movement*, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture in the interim Afghan Cabinet of Ministers Zabihullah Mujahid, in an interview with TASS, expressed the hope that Russia will assist in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Taliban* asked Russia for help in rebuilding Afghanistan

“We look forward to cooperation with all states, foreign investments also play a big role. Russia is an important country economically. Afghanistan was destroyed during the war, Russia and other countries could help rebuild it. We welcome such assistance and hope for financial support”, Mujahid said.

According to him, the interim Afghan government is trying to “establish relations with all countries.” First of all, work is underway to establish diplomatic relations, without which “further cooperation is simply impossible.”

“We are negotiating with Russia, mainly on the recognition of our government and the resumption of the work of the embassies [of the two countries as usual]. Solving these issues will open the way for further cooperation”, TASS quotes a Taliban spokesman*.

*-Terrorist organization, banned in Russia


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