European Union is thinking about gas supplies to Ukraine

The European Union is considering the possibility of increasing gas supplies to Ukraine. This was stated by sources in the EU.

European Union is thinking about gas supplies to Ukraine

Portal “Prime”, referring to informants, reports that Brussels is concerned about the situation with the supply of fuel. If Kiev does not have enough of it at all, the European Union is ready to think about additional transportation.

“We have to look at the current situation, namely, how the storage facilities are filled, what was delivered,” the message says.

The topic of gas supplies will become one of the main topics at the upcoming EU-Ukraine summit, which is scheduled for October 12. The energy crisis will remain the main problem of this year in the near future.

The statement of the European side sounds promising for Kiev, but the cost of such a proposal will be prohibitive. The EU itself can barely cope with its own provision. The price of fuel is extremely high, and if it is delivered to Ukraine, it will rise even more for it.


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