EU countries understand that Brussels needs to set borders, said in Warsaw

European politicians are beginning to understand that Brussels officials need to set borders, said Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przycz on the air of the third channel of Polish Radio.

EU countries understand that Brussels needs to set borders, said in Warsaw

“We are now in a situation where there is a dispute in the EU between two views on the future of European integration. One view is absolutely centrist, characterized by the imposition of directions of action, which are not only described in the treaties, but also go beyond them. This view has dominated Brussels politics in recent years”, said Pshidach.

“I think that the trend of accepting as truth everything that Brussels announces is starting to change. This process will take some time, but more and more politicians in different countries are beginning to understand that the border must be set,” he added.

Recently, the Constitutional Court of Poland confirmed the superiority of the constitution of the republic over the legislation of the European Union against the background of several verdicts of the EU Court, which condemned the actions of the Polish authorities. On Friday, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, instructed to study the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court in order to take further measures. Both the heads of the EU bodies and the leaders of individual EU countries have already expressed their criticism of this decision.


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