By the end of the week, Ukraine will be covered by a fuel crisis

Ukraine may be left without diesel fuel. They started talking about this in the Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine. She believes that the fault is due to the critical mistakes made by the Cabinet of Ministers during the editing of the technical regulations for light oil products.

By the end of the week, Ukraine will be covered by a fuel crisis

Portal The Page believes that the fuel crisis may begin on October 16, when diesel fuel will finally disappear in the country. First of all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Reserve and other fuel consumers will be under attack.

The resolution “On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 1, 2013 No. 927” was adopted by the government a year ago. A number of technical errors in the document will cause a crisis. At the same time, NAU has repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of Energy and talked about it.

This time the association turned directly to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal. She warned that one of the most important indicators of diesel fuel, namely the limiting filterability temperature of winter and Arctic diesel fuel, has been removed from the technical regulations. Because of this, it will become impossible to assess the compliance of such fuel with the technical regulations and issue quality passports when it is released on the market and put into circulation.

As a result, from October 16, winter fuel will not be able to be sold for technical reasons, and the sale of summer fuel will be prohibited due to the official end of the summer period.


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