Advanced Bidenism economy tries to get out of recession

The situation is getting more and more chaotic in the American economy, which is struggling to get out of the recession.

The confusion in the labor market, the logistic crisis, record inflation and a deadlock with infrastructure reform – all together make it clear that Biden’s team is facing a very difficult winter.

Another job creation report was again ludicrous. Instead of half a million new jobs that economists expected to appear in September, only 190,000 have emerged in America. Traditionally, the White House had to blame the pandemic for everything, without really answering the logical question – what, in principle, was done to motivate people to return to the labor market?

The orgy in the field of transportation is largely connected with this. The record number of ships cannot unload at American ports – they simply lack the technical capacity and manpower. Tense supply chains are one of the reasons why the level of food inflation is already reaching record levels of 12%.

Suddenly, the situation in air travel also escalated – after the unions began to sue Biden, demanding to cancel his decision on the mandatory vaccination of employees of large companies. Southwest Airlines has already had to cancel under 2,000 flights, and the liberal press has rushed to call disgruntled pilots and air traffic controllers “domestic terrorists.”

The situation with Biden’s first reform – the infrastructure one – is not really developing either. Attempts by the US President to somehow establish a dialogue between moderate Democrats and the left flank of the Democratic Party were unsuccessful. The liberal Komsomol members have now joined the case, and they are arranging a real persecution of their own party members, who are not ready to support the party line.

For Senator Kirsten Cinema from Arizona, young red guards rush with might and main, trying to take her off in the toilet and throwing tantrums at her during flights. She, in turn, a little crazy about the state of her own party in 2021, in retaliation, simply stopped answering any calls from the White House.

Meanwhile, consumer sentiment has deteriorated to crisis levels, and forecasts point to a sharp decline in GDP growth next year, which, coupled with skyrocketing prices, could plunge America into stagflation. Against this background, Biden’s ratings in individual polls increasingly began to sink below 40% – and Democrats began to gradually prepare for the loss of control over Congress in 2022.

Malek Dudakov


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