Poland admires Russia’s prowess on the oil market

Moscow is masterful in using its position on the oil market and making the most of it, the weekly Myśl Polska writes

Poland admires Russia's prowess on the oil market

According to the author of the article Andrzej Szczęsniak, Russia, being one of the three leading oil producers along with the US and Saudi Arabia, is trying to get the best from its position.

“Russians have a pragmatic approach to oil policy”, –  the journalist said.

Szczęsniak argues that there is now a subtle game between the three oil powers. Moscow, he says, is skillfully maneuvering between the interests of its partners, using them for its own needs.

In the midst of the pandemic, Russia again agreed to cut production, supporting the position of former US President Donald Trump, who was angered by Saudi Arabia’s surge in oil production, which has led to industry problems in America.

“Throughout 2020, Russia acted as an integral piece of the global mosaic that the US needed so badly to save American oil workers”, –  recalled Szczęsniak.

The journalist also noted that Russia successfully used the American sanctions against Venezuela, taking its place in the import of oil products to the US


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