It’s “all over” for the US in the technology battle with China – expert

Technological transformation in the US military is slow and Washington cannot compete with Beijing in this area

It's "all over" for the US in the technology battle with China - expert

Nicolas Shyan, former chief software engineer at the US Department of Defense, has stated

“We won’t have a chance to compete with China in 15-20 years. It’s all settled now, in my opinion, it’s all over now”, –  Shyan said in an interview with the Financial Times.

He said China was moving towards world domination thanks to its successes in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Shayan blamed the US’s “slowdown” on Google’s reluctance to work with the defence ministry on artificial intelligence and discussions on the ethical side of AI. In China, he added, companies are obliged to cooperate with the authorities. Washington is investing more in defence, but too much of it goes to logistics, the expert said.

As Shaian pointed out, cyber threat defences in some US government departments were “at a kindergarten level”.


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