Fake News from their chief critic

The former US president continues to shock the world with his “sensational discoveries” on the military-strategic front

Fake News from their chief critic
From the newswire:

“Former US President Donald Trump said at a rally of his supporters in Iowa that Russia and China have already allegedly dismantled and are studying helicopters abandoned by US troops in Afghanistan. According to him, the vehicles in question are Apache helicopters. Trump noted that after studying the American helicopters left behind in Afghanistan, Moscow and Beijing may soon begin to produce cheaper and better-quality counterparts.”

Donald our Trump is the consummate master of strategic military jokes! I can recall several of his great “masterpieces” of this kind without even bothering. Here’s one like this, for example:

2.07.2019 г.: US President Donald Trump has announced that on Independence Day, residents of Washington will be shown real tanks for the first time.  “We have the latest Sherman tanks and the latest Abrams tanks,” Trump said.

The gimmick is that “the newest Sherman tanks were in service with the US Army back in World War II and were sent to be melted down in the late 1940s. But apparently the president of the USA, who considers them “newest”, does not need to know about it.  By the way, other “latest Abrams tanks” also do not shine with special novelty, for they were created in the 70s of the twentieth century.

Юрий Селиванов: Фейк-ньюс от их главного критика

“Donald Trump’s “newest” American Sherman tanks recovered from the bottom of the Barents Sea, where they have been resting since 1942

14 June 2020: “US President Donald Trump has given details of a new US projectile, which he previously called a super-duper missile. We are producing incredible technology at a level no one has ever seen. We have no choice, given the level of our opponents. We already have – I call it a super-duper missile. It’s 17 times faster than their missiles.”

Needless to say, no American “super-duper missile” promised by Trump has since been seen.  Let alone that it flies 17 times faster than the Russian “Avangard” hypersonic units reaching speeds of 27 M.

The US hypersonic missile, which was tested just a week ago, barely made it to 5 M, which is heralded as a great achievement in the US.

Finally, Donald Trump made the world shudder as he announced the US invention of the hitherto unseen and unheard of “hypersonic, water-based missile”.

December 6, 2020: “We now have the greatest, most modern armed forces in the country’s history. Brand-new fighters, brand-new bombers, brand-new missiles, hypersonic missiles. We have hypersonic and subsonic missiles. Do you know what subsonic means? Aquatic.

What kind of a beast “a water hypersonic missile” is it has not become clearer since then. In the meantime the majority of military experts arrived at the conclusion, as usual, that it was another Trump “twist” of the above-mentioned series.

And now, being already retired, this “major military and strategic authority” continues to pull pranks. What can one say about his current Afghan “thing”, except that it, like all the previous ones, is bullshit?

First, that the American intelligence, which could not even foresee the speed of the Kabul regime’s fall, moreover, probably is not capable to go into details such as who is sending helicopters there and to whom. And even if she had sniffed out such a fact, she certainly would not have informed “retired goat drummer” Trump. For he no longer has access to intelligence information.

So for that reason alone we are faced with a bullshit  story.

But that is not the most interesting part either.
The Russian military might indeed be interested in getting a closer look at the combat vehicles infamously abandoned by Americans in Afghanistan, in particular the AN-64 Apache and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. But certainly not in order to urgently proceed to the production of “cheap and high quality analogues” in Russia. The simple reason is that such “analogues”, namely, combat helicopters Mi-28, Ka-52 and a transport-combat Mi-8/17 have long been produced in Russia.


Юрий Селиванов: Фейк-ньюс от их главного критика

On the left is the American Apache, on the right – its Russian “analogue. The Mi-28 in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 2009.

As for the quality of Russian helicopters in comparison with American models, I will not lie … the U.S. Department of Defense, which for many years has fought with its own Congress for the right to purchase Russian rotary-wing aircraft to supply the Afghan army, as more reliable and unpretentious in Central Asia than the American.

“In 2011, the Pentagon signed a contract with Rosoboronexport for the delivery of 21 Mi-17V5 helicopters to the Afghan army at a cost of $367.5 million. 18 helicopters have already been delivered, and the remaining three should be in Afghanistan by the end of June.”

So it is still a big question who should learn from whom to produce quality military hardware.

Though, in spite of it, we wish Donald our Trump not to lose heart in the future and keep trying to “outsmart the atmosphere” with the most gruff and incredible “fake news” he is so good at. Fun after all!
Yuri Selivanov, specially for News Front


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