US wants to study war in Afghanistan to “avoid repeating mistakes”

US senators have submitted a bill to the US Congress to create a special commission that will analyse the Afghan war, draw conclusions and make recommendations to the government, RT reports

US wants to study war in Afghanistan to "avoid repeating mistakes"

“The purpose of the commission is to study the war in Afghanistan, draw appropriate conclusions – in terms of both strategy and grand strategy – and develop recommendations for the United States government, future policy makers, and senior military leadership in the United States”, –  the bill says.

The commission would scrutinize all issues related to combat operations, intelligence operations, and reconstruction support activities.

It would also review the work of US diplomats, political and strategic decisions that have affected interactions between Washington and Kabul, and the involvement of NATO allies in the war.

The commission’s ultimate goal, according to the senator, is to ensure that the U.S. not only “has learned the right lessons from 20 years in Afghanistan, but will not make the same mistakes again in the future.”


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