The Chinese have harshly mocked the US submarine accident

Readers of Chinese portal Guancha have harshly mocked the incident of the US Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22), which collided with an “unknown object” in the South China Sea

The Chinese have harshly mocked the US submarine accident

“Ha ha ha, I just want to laugh at this news! What a ridiculous thing to say! Couldn’t sneak up unnoticed”, –  wrote one commenter.

Other readers worried about the environment in the wake of the accident.
One Chinese said he was only concerned about whether the accident had polluted our South China Sea!

“You are liable to an administrative detention for ten days and a fine of 200 yuan! Minus six points, the sub has to take six steps back! The next move is for China”, – joked one user.

Another commenter suggested that the Americans were obscured by seaweed.

“The more clashes there are, the clearer the head of the US military will be. What great news!” – noted a Chinese reader.

The US Navy said the incident occurred on October 2 in the Indo-Pacific, with the submarine submerged. The ship is in a “safe and stable” condition and the nuclear propulsion system was not damaged. The agency also stressed that the lives of the crew members were not in danger. The submarine later arrived at its base in Guam.


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