Poles furious after EU statements on Warsaw

Readers of the Interia newspaper believe that the European Union treats Poland as a vassal without the right to vote

Poles furious after EU statements on Warsaw


The readers of the Polish newspaper Interia were outraged by the reaction of European politicians to a decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland, which found some of the EU laws do not comply with the country’s legislation.

Earlier, French Foreign Ministry State Secretary for Europe Clément Bon called the decision an attack on the European Union and allowed Poland to leave the European Union, while Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said the Polish leadership was “playing with fire”.

“So much shouting! The plans have collapsed, there will have to be a lot more effort to turn Poland into a colony. And it was going so well!” – user Ala wrote.

“Everyone is so surprised that one country has suddenly made its constitution a priority. This European right was written under Germany and France so that we would only follow orders without having a say”, –  another reader opined.

“Russians rejoice that Poland is slowly but surely moving eastwards”, –  stated user sasza.

According to some commentators, Poland should leave the European Union, because Germany and France are treating other members of the organisation as vassals.


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