On Berlin elections: Zakharova notes discrepancy between ballots and voters

A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman has ironised about the past elections in Berlin for the Bundestag and the Berlin LandtagOn Berlin elections: Zakharova notes discrepancy between ballots and voters


Listing the problems and pointing out that there were only five OSCE ODIHR representatives observing the electoral process in the country.

“Briefly about the Berlin Bundestag and Berlin Landtag elections: in 99 polling stations, over 13,000 votes were declared invalid due to mix-ups with ballot papers; in one polling station 99% of ballots for a single-mandate candidate were declared invalid; unidentified under-aged voters voted although they had no such right; in several polling stations a recount was conducted which led to the change of results”, –  Zakharova wrote on Telegram.

She added that she would not even “begin” to talk about “the absurdity going on at polling stations with queues and mismatches between the number of ballots and the number of voters”.

“Now for the best part. There were five OSCE ODIHR observers in Germany. Because ‘there are no problems with the elections there’. Curtain”, –  Zakharova concluded.

In Germany, the Bundestag elections were held on September 26, and the Social Democratic Party of Germany won them. It is currently holding consultations between the parties on the formation of the future government.


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