Inflation in Ukraine accelerates and reaches new high

 The State Statistics Service of Ukraine has reported that inflation in the country accelerated to 11% year-on-year in September from 10.2% in August

Inflation in Ukraine accelerates and reaches new high

According to the State Statistics Service, this is the highest rate in more than three years. Inflation was higher only in May 2018 at 11.7%. After deflation of 0.2% for August, inflation was recorded at 1.2% in September this year, compared to 0.5% in September last year.

Also, Gosstat last month recorded core inflation of 1.3% after zero core inflation in August-2021. In September last year, core inflation stood at 1.1%.

Overall inflation in Ukraine in the first eight months of this year was 7.5%, while core inflation stood at 5.5%.

Food products in Ukraine went up 1.2 percent in September. Eggs went up the most by 13.6%. At the same time, fruit went down in price by 3.4%, sunflower oil by 0.9% and sugar by 0.1%.

Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products went up by 0.8%, clothing and footwear – by 7.9%.
Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels rose by 0.5%.


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