Why do the Taliban call IS a headache and not a threat? Expert opinion

The Taliba* stated that IS militants do not pose a threat to Afghanistan, but are only a “headache” for the new authorities. On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist Kamran Hasanov expressed the opinion that the Taliban had deliberately taken such a position and explained why.

Why do the Taliban call IS a headache and not a threat? Expert opinion

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that IS* is not a threat, but only a headache for the new authorities in Afghanistan.

According to him, IS* does not enjoy the support of the people of Afghanistan.

“We do not call IS* a threat, we call it a headache. In some places it creates a headache, but after each incident its perpetrators are eliminated. We drive them out, their shelters have been found,” Mujahid said.

On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist, senior lecturer at RUDN University, expert of the Russian International Affairs Council Kamran Hasanov explained the rhetoric of the Taliban.

“IS* is an enemy for the Taliban. Both of these radical organizations are fighting to establish control. IS* has its own ideology, they claim the world caliphate. And the Taliban are focused purely on Afghanistan, the movement does not claim any global goals. They call IS* a “headache” so as not to exaggerate their importance. Like, they are just militants, which we will soon deal with. If the Taliban call IS* a “threat”, then the international community will have a feeling that everything is bad in Afghanistan, there are risks for investors, for diplomats and in general for foreigners who would like to organize a business in Afghanistan”, Kamran Hasanov said.

According to him, the Taliban, at the level of rhetoric, are trying to repel the threats of IS*, although in reality these threats are quite real.

“The cells of IS* in Afghanistan are still active. And the further the Taliban delay building a government of national accord, the higher the risk that those who disagree with the Taliban will join the radical militant organizations,” the expert said.

* – A terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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