Washington prepares Taiwan for war with China

US Special Forces and Marine Corps have been in Taiwan for a year

Washington prepares Taiwan for war with China

This information was reported by the American edition of The Wall Street Journal:

“A US Special Operations Force and a contingent of marines are secretly operating in Taiwan to train the armed forces there, US officials said, as part of an effort to strengthen the island’s defenses, as concerns about potential Chinese aggression.

About two dozen U.S. Special Operations and Support Forces are training small units of Taiwan’s ground forces, officials said. US Marines work with local maritime forces to provide training on small craft. American troops have been operating in Taiwan for at least a year”.

This deployment is reported to be rotational, with troops operating on a variable schedule. According to US officials, Taiwan should invest more in its defense, despite the fact that the United States has sold billions of dollars in weapons and military equipment to the island in recent years.

This information says only one thing. Washington prepares Taiwan for war with China. It is obvious that the forces of the parties to a potential conflict are incomparable, and Taiwan’s preparation for war can simply provoke it. However, the outcome of this confrontation is not so important for the United States. The main thing is for it to take place. China will be constantly provoked in order to then bring down the full power of Western sanctions on it.

Elena Panina


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