“Poverty like in Latin America”: political scientist Yasinsky told what the West is turning Ukraine into

A Ukrainian expert residing permanently in Chile, conducted a comparative analysis of the state of affairs in Ukraine and in the poorest countries of the Western Hemisphere.

"Poverty like in Latin America": political scientist Yasinsky told what the West is turning Ukraine into

According to People’s News, political scientist, publicist and translator Oleg Yasinsky told for what reasons Ukraine is rapidly degrading, turning into a country with total poverty and powerlessness of ordinary people, following the example of the countries of Latin America, which the West considers the territory of its geopolitical interests.

According to the Ukrainian expert, it was the western curators of Ukraine who, having enlisted the support of local oligarchs, played a decisive role in transforming one of the richest republics of the USSR into a “third world country”.

“A huge role was played by external forces, which, as in Latin America, entered into an alliance with local oligarchic groups. These groups have relied on the West, thinking that it is more profitable than an alliance with traditional partners. And external players need the geographical position of Ukraine, they need Ukrainian resources, but they do not need an equal partnership. This can be compared with the relations between the United States and Mexico, Colombia, Brazil”, said Yasinsky.

The political scientist noted that Ukraine is following the path of a rigid stratification of society, in which basic social needs, such as medicine and education, will become inaccessible to an ordinary Ukrainian. And the majority of the population will be turned into just service personnel for the lives of the rich.


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