Political analyst Rahr says Europe bears the brunt of the fight against Nord Stream 2

European countries should support Nord Stream 2 instead of fighting it to their detriment, stated political analyst Alexander Rahr in a conversation with the Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper

Political analyst Rahr says Europe bears the brunt of the fight against Nord Stream 2

Earlier it became known that the German Federal Network Agency threatened Nord Stream 2 AG with “immediate proceedings” if the operator does not provide compliance of the gas pipeline with the requirements of the European legislation.

For its part, the Nord Stream 2 AG press office stressed that the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline is fully compliant with all laws applicable to it and has permission to operate from the EU and Russia. According to the political analyst, there are certain people working within the European Union whose efforts are aimed at stopping Nord Stream 2 from coming on stream.

“Some are frantically demanding from individual countries that Nord Stream should start operating, that we should urgently get additional volumes of gas for Europe, that we need them. And there are forces, especially in Brussels, that simply turn a blind eye to everything: they don’t pay for the electricity in their offices and homes. And they have this ideology that if they have started to fight Nord Stream-2, they have to continue to behave this way and they must not give the project the green light in any case. It is an absurd situation. At that, Europe is losing, it is doing everything to its own detriment”, –  said Rahr.

In his opinion, it would be much more advantageous for Europe to “give a hand to Russia and the producers of gas” instead of “hanging around, twisting, reacting aggressively, although it is already absolutely inappropriate”.


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