Germany removes alleged Islamist sympathisers from Syria

Eight women with 23 children have been evacuated from a detention camp in northeastern Syria to Germany. They are suspected of aiding and abetting the terrorist organisation Islamic State*, the German Foreign Office said

Germany removes alleged Islamist sympathisers from Syria

“I am pleased that we were able to bring 23 more German children and eight mothers to Germany from the Rozh camp in north-eastern Syria this night. The children are not to blame for their situation. It is right that we do everything we can to enable them to live in safety and in a good environment. The mothers will have to answer for their actions to the criminal justice system. Most of them have been arrested since their arrival in Germany”, –  said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the situation in Syria has deteriorated significantly amid the coronavirus pandemic and economic collapse. Many people are facing major problems on a daily basis and are totally dependent on humanitarian aid.

“Not only for us, but for everyone involved, this action was a demonstration of strength. I would like to thank our Danish partners, with whom we conducted the search together, and our American partners, who provided logistical support”, –  summarised Maas.


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