Biden’s rating has fallen to a record low

The approval rating of United States President Joe Biden has fallen to a record 38%, according to a social survey conducted by Quinnipiac University in the United States

Biden's rating has fallen to a record low

“Biden’s performance is viewed negatively by 53% of Americans and positively by only 38”, –  the poll said.

Just three weeks ago, 42 per cent of Americans had a positive view of Biden, compared to 50 per cent who had a negative view. Among Republicans, 94% of respondents gave a negative assessment of his activities, while among Democrats – only 10%.

Most of all people in the United States are dissatisfied with Biden’s policy regarding immigrants and the situation at the southern border of the country through which thousands of residents of Latin America are trying to get. Some 67% disapprove of the president’s performance in this regard.

According to the poll, only 28% support the US leader’s policy on Afghanistan. About 50% of US residents believe that Washington should have left some supportive forces in the republic. Fifteen percent of respondents said they did not think the American contingent should have been withdrawn from Afghanistan at all.


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