Political scientist Rahr called the behavior of the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin “too impudent”

According to the German expert, it is high time for the German authorities to pay attention to the statements of the Ukrainian diplomat Andriy Melnik, which go beyond diplomatic etiquette.

Political scientist Rahr called the behavior of the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin "too impudent"

According to Narodnye Novosti, in an interview with VZGLYAD journalists, German political analyst Alexander Rahr recalled Melnik’s recent interview with the German press, in which the diplomat criticized the German leadership because of Berlin’s “historical politics”, pointing out that, given its past, Germany is simply obliged to help Ukraine to join NATO as soon as possible.

Moreover, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk said that allegedly 60% of Ukrainians are in favor of demanding that Germany pay reparations for damage caused during the Second World War. According to Rahr, in this way Kiev is trying to force Berlin to side with him and accept his version of the events of that war, according to which Ukraine and the Ukrainians were the main victims.

“The Ukrainian authorities, with the support of a number of Western politicians, constantly support the thesis: “Ukraine is anti-Russia”. In general, the German authorities are ignoring Melnik so far, because he is behaving too arrogantly. However, Berlin should not just not hear the ambassador, but put him in his place”, Rahr said.

The political scientist noted with regret the silence on the part of the official authorities of Germany, which previously did not allow even American diplomats to address such boorish antics, and now agree to tolerate all this from the representative of Ukraine.


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