“Russia can do anything”: China appreciated Moscow’s decision to replace Ukrainian engines with Russian ones

The Chinese edition of Sohu, in an article on import substitution in Russia, spoke about the creation of Russian gas turbine units for equipping domestic Project 22350 frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov type, on which it was originally planned to install Ukrainian-made engines.

"Russia can do anything": China appreciated Moscow's decision to replace Ukrainian engines with Russian ones

According to Narodnye Novosti, Chinese journalists recalled that the change of power in Ukraine in 2014 and the subsequent rupture of relations between Kiev and Moscow violated the plans of the Russian military-industrial complex.

“But already in 2017, the UEC-Saturn research and production enterprise presented its development, which allowed Russia to do without Ukrainian-made units,” the article says.

The article in the Chinese edition caused a positive response on the web and once again reminded the Russians that our country has something to be proud of.

“That is great! Our domestic specialists are really great. Everything related to the defense industry should not depend on supplies from other countries; everything should be built here in Russia. Every last screw. Only complete independence”.

“The same applies to food independence. Develop your own and improve what you already have”;

“Another argument in favor of developing a national industry, instead of relying on someone else’s uncle”;

“Fine! Russia can do anything! Because of what happened to Ukraine, and simply in the interests of the security of our country, we are simply obliged to produce very, very much in Russia”;

“Nothing is impossible for us. We will do everything. All advanced industry should be concentrated on the territory of Russia”, the Russians are sure.

At the same time, as commentators on the Web note, such an example has become another link in the chain of events illustrating the degradation of Ukrainian foreign policy and, after it, the entire local industry.

“Russia will undoubtedly resolve issues related to the manufacture of power plants, but now Ukraine will never do anything worthwhile. But it is categorically impossible to help her”;

“As always, we went the wrong way. We created the CMEA in the Union and helped our republics to develop, but in the end, no gratitude. Now we will develop everything on our own, but let Ukraine solve its problems on its own”;

“The poor former richest part of the USSR is Ukraine. We have received so much, but now everything is lost”;

“We would not have betrayed the Russians in the southeast of Ukraine, Kiev would have no problems with any position. Now we are on our own, and they are on their own”, write Internet users.


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