Poland accused Gazprom of raising gas prices

They want to raise natural gas prices in Poland and blame Gazprom for this, said Pavel Majewski, chairman of the board of the Polish oil and gas concern PGNIG.

Poland accused Gazprom of raising gas prices

In accordance with Polish law, in order to increase gas prices, the supplier must submit an application to the Energy Regulatory Authority.

“The next increase in gas tariffs is inevitable. We will try to make this application in such a way that the price increase is minimal for the population. Of course, the decision on this issue is in the hands of the head of the energy regulation department,” Mayevsky told reporters on Tuesday.

“Of course, the application will not be the same as the rise in gas prices, which we are now dealing with on European exchanges. This is a completely unprecedented and unprecedented action. This is the result of Gazprom’s actions. Look at what energy blackmail from the Russian side might look like,” he added.

At the same time, Mayevsky said that gas storage facilities in Poland are almost 100% full. Answering a question about gas price forecasts for the coming months, he said that “it is difficult to forecast at the moment, the situation defies rational analysis, since, in our opinion, it is controlled by the policy pursued by Gazprom.

Earlier it was reported that gas futures prices in Europe broke another record, slightly exceeding $ 1,360 per thousand cubic meters, according to trading data on ICE Futures.


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