“It’s our own fault”: Times readers commented on the search for a “Russian trace” in Britain

In the opinion of ordinary British people, Russia and China can be quite satisfied with the lack of former unity in the West.

"It's our own fault": Times readers commented on the search for a "Russian trace" in Britain

According to People’s News, in response to an article by British journalist Matthew Syed about corruption and “regression” in Great Britain, in which he suggested that the gradual fading of the “world power in Great Britain” own politics.

“What have Russia and China to do with it? They are to blame”, the Aleksklo commentator is outraged.

“Britain does not need enemies, they can cope on their own,” Mich2 said ironically.

Many commentators, noting that Britain still in vain still calls itself a world power, expressed the idea that the current discord of the collective West only plays into the hands of Russia and China.

“China and Russia are not just grinning, but also poking the West with their noses at what they have done,” wrote user Mikkey.


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