Why Ukraine is so keen to join the EU and NATO

Because it is a question of subsidies, i.e. money

Why Ukraine is so keen to join the EU and NATO
Why don’t the EU and NATO want Ukraine to join them? Because for them it is also a question of money. By admitting Ukraine, NATO and the EU marry Ukraine, becoming obliged to maintain it and fight over it with Russia. For Ukraine this is the main goal, for the EU and NATO this is something that should not happen.

Maintaining Ukraine is about money. Going to war with Russia is a lot of money. A deep relationship with Ukraine is unprofitable for the EU and NATO. To them, Ukraine is a territory subject to external governance, but languishing with its stubborn tribal leaders who do not obey their masters, even though they depend on them. The EU and NATO only want to bring the situation in Ukraine under control.

Right now this situation is out of control. It is wrong to think that Maidan and Nuland have solved the problem of power in Ukraine. They have solved the problem of hiring manpower in the visible part of the political spectrum. Having realised that Russophobia is the only profitable business in Ukraine, the Ukrainian activists gave the customer the picture they wanted. But the client, having entered all the offices of power, has failed to control the national psychology. It is the source of any power in Ukraine.

It is impossible to remove the oligarchs from Ukraine’s body without destroying this body. Oligarchs control the regions and are the most important link between the West and the local population. Without oligarchs there will be no Ukraine. To turn Ukraine into Luxembourg or Holland is not possible, just as it’s not possible to turn these countries into Ukraine.
The West subconsciously perceives Ukrainians as a kind of Russians, even though propaganda says otherwise. With the Russians the war is simple: you have to capture their capital and bring your False Dimitri to power. With Ukraine all this has been done, so the goal is considered achieved.

But the Ukrainians are a mental mix of Afghans and Jews. They are stubborn and cunning, they will accept outside power, but they will embrace it so much that they will eat it from the inside. When the outside power realizes this, it will be hollowed out. It is possible to change the composition of power in Ukraine – it is impossible to change the psychology of Ukrainians.

Professional Ukrainians are a substance which instantly changes from ostentatious obedience to unostentatious aggression. Just try not to give them what they demand. They will not only bite the hand that fed them. They will test the entire body that fed them, and take vengeance on their deceived hopes without mercy. The obedience of Ukrainians to the West is an illusion. The Ukrainians will take the money. But they will not give them power in return – they will be cheated.

It is not about the public power – you can take as much as you want. It is about power over the souls of Ukrainians – this population in the territory between two civilizations, which have been fighting against each other for centuries. The population believes only in the security that comes from being able to betray in time. It is possible to lose a crib and a pig, it is a gain. You cannot lose your life. And if you want to live, know how to spin.

Ukrainians will take revenge on the EU and NATO in two cases: when they do not accept them and give them little money in return, and when they take away their feeding trough. The oligarchs are the trough, they extract the primary money and redistribute it locally in exchange for service. The Anglo-Saxons with their messianism, Protestant individual ethics and national stubbornness are easy prey for the Ukrainians. They will figure out how to fool them and will do it until they burst.
Ukrainians will accept the Anglo-Saxons as a swamp accepts a stone. It will swamp them, suck them in, drag them in and drown them. The West already realizes that it is in it, but cannot get out. They cannot even get out of Afghanistan. It will continue to feed the Ukrainians with itself. Ukrainian relations with the West is a story from the life of worms. The fact that they are not taken into the body of the EU and NATO does not change anything for the worms – they are already there and eat to the full. Enjoy your appetite.

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