US analyst tells how anti-Russian sanctions will affect the US

According to political analyst Bobby Tuazon, whose article, published on the Chinese portal CGTN, was translated by PolitRussia, Washington’s attempts to crush rivals with the sanctions policy are doomed to failure and lead to the collapse of America

US analyst tells how anti-Russian sanctions will affect the US

According to the expert, despite Joe Biden’s public statements about abandoning the policy of expansionism, in fact, the U.S. still adopts a policy of restrictions and sanctions against its geopolitical opponents.

“Continued US sanctions pressure will create more instability and bring the world closer to a new Cold War”, – Bobby Tuazon believes, – “For decades, the United States has been the only country to indiscriminately apply economic sanctions against states that threaten the US unilateral approach to the world order, Washington’s democratic model and its hegemony.”

According to the political scientist, the methods used by the United States to strangle competitors have nothing to do with its declared commitment to free competition.

“The United States is using its own legislation to maintain a US monopoly”, –  the author notes, “The attempt to extend its own legislation around the world belies Washington’s claim of a commitment to free market development.”

However, the analyst assumes that ambitious plans of the US to retain world domination are not fated to come true. Thus, Washington hopes that coercive mechanisms will bring down the economies of the countries which the United States considers to be dangerous competitors. First and foremost, Russia and China, as well as other “undesirable” countries, are concerned. However, in fact, such methods will result in serious trouble for Washington itself.

“Countries caught in the crosshairs of US sanctions end up moving closer to each other, forming economic alliances and military alliances. If this trend continues, the United States will remain isolated”, –  the analyst explains. – “On the global arena, to the displeasure of Washington, global changes are taking place: multipolarity is replacing unipolarity”.


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