Ukraine urges teachers to support LGBT students

Media manager Elena Skidan said on her Facebook page that the Ukrainian organization Tergo has posted billboards in Mykolayiv that urge educators to be tolerant of LGBT students

Ukraine urges teachers to support LGBT students

“Pranks of our city… “Is your student transgender?” In Nikolaev, a community of relatives of children with non-traditional sexual orientation has placed advertisements on the billboards”, –  Skidan wrote.

The billboards read: “Is your student gay? Try to understand her. Take a course in tolerance.” “Is your student transgender? Try to understand him.” Such appeals have sparked a wave of discontent from commentators who hold to traditional values and are unprepared for the new “European trends”.

“Because Ukraine is Europe. Europe has reached Nikolaev as well.”

“Everything is legitimate, Europe transfers money and it is given for a reason.”

“So far, the adequate majority obediently follows the inadequate minority.”

На Украине призвали учителей поддерживать ЛГБТ-учеников


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