Poland sacrificed its agriculture for anti-Russian policy

The Polish agrarians, focused largely on exporting their produce to Russia, have fallen victim to the short-sighted policy of their country’s leadership

Poland sacrificed its agriculture for anti-Russian policy

According to Russkaya Vesna, before 2014, most of the apples grown in Poland used to go to Russia, which became the best market for local gardeners, but after Moscow imposed a food embargo in response to the European sanctions, Polish farmers are forced to literally bury their products back into the ground.

“After Warsaw shifted to an anti-Russian vector by supporting Western sanctions, the economy received a reverberating blow, which was felt by farmers. Today, Polish farmers can barely make ends meet”, –  the publication says.

For example, Andrzej Swajda, the chairman of the Świętokrzyskie Province’s PSL club, complained to the press that the income from “industrial” and “dessert” apples is too small. Poles receive 30 groschen per kilogram for the former, 60-90 groschen for the latter. These sums do not allow the farmers to recoup the cost of growing the fruit.

According to the agrarian, the situation can only be improved by renewing trade relations with Russia. Representatives of the Polish agricultural sector have more than once asked Warsaw to review its anti-Russian policy, but the nationalist-minded Polish leadership will not listen to its own citizens. More important for them are their anti-Russian narratives, for the sake of which they are ready to destroy one of the leading sectors of Polish economy.


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