“Not going to ignore insolence”: to Kiev’s provocations, Budapest responded with special forces exercises

Against the backdrop of the gas conflict between the Ukraine and Hungary the territorial and other contradictions between the two countries are becoming more and more evident

"Not going to ignore insolence": to Kiev's provocations, Budapest responded with special forces exercises

Russkaya Vesna wrote that after Kiev stirred up an outrageous scandal over the signing of the Russian-Hungarian gas agreement a few days ago, instead of trying to resolve the situation, the conflict flywheel began to spin even harder in Ukraine.

Thus, the chairman of the Ternopil regional council Mikhail Golovko suggested “punishing” Budapest by shifting the focus to persecution of ethnic Hungarians (Ukrainian citizens) living in Transcarpathia. In response to such an outburst, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ordered a training exercise of Hungarian special forces near the Ukrainian border.

“Apparently, Budapest does not intend to give up and ignore such impudence, and is ready to let special forces into Transcarpathia to protect its citizens”, –  the publication said.

According to the publication’s experts, the escalation of the conflict is not in Kiev’s interests, risking a new “Donbass”, but on its western borders. Those who hope that the European Union will intervene in the dispute and siege belligerent Budapest are likely to be mistaken, and no one in the current situation will help Ukraine. Rather the opposite, in fact. Territorial claims will also arise from other EU countries among Ukraine’s neighbours, Poland and Romania.


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