Media: Disclosure of Pandora’s Dossier will lead to Zelensky’s impeachment

The disclosure of Pandora’s Dossier could lead to the impeachment of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski, the Telegram channel Politjoystic has reported

Media: Disclosure of Pandora's Dossier will lead to Zelensky's impeachment

Earlier it became known that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has published the Pandora Dossier, which reveals the involvement of some heads of state in offshore schemes. Vladimir Zelensky was also among them.

“The very fact of income concealment is grounds for cancelling Zelensky’s election results as president of Ukraine, and receiving money from Kolomoysky makes his work on passing the ‘law against oligarchs’ fake,” the Telegram channel wrote.

It also noted that the attempted assassination of Ukrainian presidential adviser Serhiy Shefir after the publication of the Pandora’s Dossier looks completely different. The Telegram Channel authors stressed that it was Shefir together with his brother who created a network of offshore companies for Zelensky and transferred stakes and shares to them before the presidential election so that Zelensky could hide the true size of his income.

“And through them money went to Kolomoisky (an oligarch who is being hounded by the US). Serhiy Shefir knows too much and if he gets nailed, he will say that the transfer of Zelensky’s assets to him is fictitious and then a step up to impeachment and international prosecution for money laundering. And then it’s hard to imagine the consequences for Ukraine”, –  Politjoystic summed up.


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