Kiev wants to make Nord Stream 2 part of the Normandy format

Ukraine wants to bring the issue of Nord Stream 2 to the Normandy format for discussion. Kiev has linked the gas pipeline to the military security of the country and Donbass

Kiev wants to make Nord Stream 2 part of the Normandy format

This is what the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmytro Kuleba said in a conversation with Interfax-Ukraine, reports

“Now the talks in the Normandy format are held exclusively at the level of the leaders’ advisers. After Merkel’s visits to Moscow and Kiev, two rounds of consultations and two video conferences took place. The topic of gas was not discussed at them, but it directly presses the negotiators from the outside. Ukraine believes that Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine’s military security and the situation in the east of Ukraine are directly related issues, so we are in favour of linking these issues and discussing them”, –  he said.

Kuleba said that preparations were under way for a meeting of the Normandy quartet, in which Angela Merkel was ready to take part while she was still German chancellor. The diplomat hopes that the subject of the gas pipeline will be raised during the meeting.

As usual, Kiev is trying to portray Russia as the “aggressor”. In recent weeks its main “weapon” has been Nord Stream 2. Europe deprives itself of the advantages which this gas pipeline can provide, but at the same time, the Ukrainian side is trying to link it with the war it is waging against its own people.


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