Ukraine will be bankrupted and turned into a resource colony – a businessman

Ukraine will face a serious economic crisis with skyrocketing prices, unemployment and a wave of bankruptcies because of record gas prices

Ukraine will be bankrupted and turned into a resource colony - a businessman

This was stated by chairman of the Federation of Employers of the country (FEU) Dmitry Oliynyk in his Facebook.

He noted that the country buys raw materials at exchange prices, which makes the fuel 3.5 times more expensive than for other states.

“I asked my friends in the EU. <…> I found out that the price of October gas in different countries ranged from 300 to 700 euros. And in Ukraine it was 1,100 euros”, –  the businessman wrote.

Oliynyk explained that at the exchange prices the fuel is purchased either by new consumers or by those who decided to ensure part of supplies at market prices.


He also predicted an increase in the price of all goods in Ukraine because energy prices are included in the cost of each product. As a result, at some point consumers will not be able to buy anything, and producers will not be able to raise prices further, while costs will continue to rise.

“Plants and factories will slowly come to a halt. And people will be out of work – this is already very serious. Budget revenues will “lie down” and expenses will soar. <…> The issue of bankruptcy is a matter of time”, –  warned the FRU head.

In his opinion, the hardest hit in Ukraine will be the processing industry, which is already suffering because of the conditions for imports.

“And this is already a straight road to an agricultural colony”, –  Oliynyk stressed.

In his opinion, the authorities can avoid this if they introduce “total energy saving” across the country, increase gas production in Ukraine and “clean up” the energy market.


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