Latvia is on the verge of a “great catastrophe” – MEP

Member of the European Parliament and former mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov, assessed the situation in Latvia with the coronavirus, calling the country a ship that is rapidly approaching the iceberg, he said at a Congress of the party “Concord”

Latvia is on the verge of a "great catastrophe" - MEP

According to the former mayor of the capital, the country’s authorities, being on the captain’s bridge, instead of turning the helm, are quarrelling over the fact that they will have to distribute leaflets to passengers warning them that the disaster is getting closer.

“In addition, the ship’s crew are discussing how much money they will be able to spend for this purpose and which of the crewmembers’ friends will handle the printing of the leaflets. And also in which language they can be issued and in which not”, –  Neil Ushakov added.

The former mayor stressed that it is still too early to think about this year’s Christmas, which for some citizens may simply not come.


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