German political analyst comments on energy crisis in Europe

The year 2021 was the year of energy crisis for Europe. And if before such problems (financial crisis, migrants, pandemic) were solved by the infusion of money, now this resource has almost dried up

German political analyst comments on energy crisis in Europe

German political analyst Alexander Rahr commented on the current situation in his Telegram channel and shared his opinion on how Europeans should act in these difficult times.

“Many billions of euros have been spent to pay off the ‘fires’, the money machines have been running for ten years, governments have driven their countries into monstrous debts. Of course, the European Union cannot act like this forever”, –  he said.

The expert noted that Europeans need to realize the complexity of their situation. The authorities are about to switch to green energy which in the first few years will significantly increase the cost of living in the region.

In addition, the situation is exacerbated by the European powers’ membership in NATO. The Americans are demanding that they increase military expenditures. In the end, they will do so and they will hit the population’s wallet hard.

“In the European Union, the costs of providing expensive social systems are rising sharply. Europe’s population is ageing rapidly, a growing army of pensioners requires increased spending. The demographic factor does not speak in Europe’s favour”, –  says Rahr.

He noted that most of the problems will fall on the successor of now almost former German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He will have to solve difficulties in the shortest possible time, for which Europe is simply not ready.


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