European Parliament criticised plan to cut air emissions

Bulgarian MEPs Angel Jambazki and Andrei Slabakov have said the European Commission’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is “economic suicide”, RT reports

European Parliament criticised plan to cut air emissions

Politicians recalled that the price of gas on European markets has almost quadrupled in the past six months and has led to an increase in the cost of electricity.

“It is against this background that the EU set even more ambitious climate targets for 2030 this year, which in turn led to an 80% increase in carbon emission allowances”, – said Jambazki and Slabakov.

Earlier, the European Commission adopted a package of proposals that would reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Deputies proposed that the EC “in light of such serious price increases, stop carbon trading – at least until the end of the current crisis”.

“This is not only economic suicide but also a betrayal of the most vulnerable in our society. These measures will lead to higher energy prices and breed poverty”, –  the MEPs concluded.


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